Although Singapore is considered to be a developed country known formerly by its severe legislation against betting to the extant of hampering the growth of casinos on its tiny territory, in recent years many alterations in those laws contributed to the increase in the number of casinos and to the creation of a fast moving industry that is maturing into the most attractive, and entertaining establishments on the globe. Programs are in the pipeline to establish what would be recognized as the most costly entertainment site on the globe.

This will eventually contribute to turning Singapore into a very desirable tourist attraction center and lead to attracting more foreign visitors who will fall in love with the country’s beaches and monuments and boost the economy with a steady flow of foreign currency. Realizing by the end of 2004 that the country was messing a valuable economic opportunity of increasing employment and wealth by tightening regulations on betting and similar activities , therefore losing out tourist flows linked with the gambling industry, the governing circles of Singapore loosened the grip of the law on gambling and cleared the path for the construction of the earliest casino of the nation.

The whole procedure brought in many international firms from all the corners of the world and the shooting for the construction  resulted in the Las Vegas Sands Company winning the contest for constructing and controlling one of a couple of projected gigantic casinos in Singapore. The idea behind the conception of the early Singaporean gambling site is very surprising; it should not be only somewhere to bet, but a whole leisure zone made up of mall and recreation services, conference centers, theme parks, stages, in addition to galleries and museum halls; a structured idea that would exceed a $3 billion charge and predicted to make 30.000 new work opportunities. The establishment will be located on more than 200.000 square meters of recovered land at Singapore’s seaside, and it is thought that the construction will be over by 2009. These gambling sites are intended to be marketed for the huge numbers of foreign visitors coming yearly to the country, especially when quite a few other Asian nations are extending their national casino branches in order to serve the clients as well as meet the growing needs of their own customers. Actually, the Chinese visitors are famous for their passion for betting, which is the case too for Singaporeans of Chinese origin, who amount to more than 60 percent of the native residents.

The next Singaporean casino establishment is programmed to be in Sentosa, an attractive island for sightseers near the land of Singapore, visited yearly by about two million travelers to relax on its seaboards and have fun in its golf courses and recreation centers and also interestingly enough the monumental places like Fort Siloso, a British military fortification used in World War 2 .

Much in the same way as the early Singaporean casino, the Sentosa gambling centre makes up the jewel of a gigantic structured resort irresistible to visitors from around the globe and binding Singaporean casinos in the leading position of the dynamic Asian tourist market.