• Yamaha

    Endorser: Jeff 'ByrDog' Byrd

    "It doesn't matter how good you are if your drums sound terrible, this is exactly why I use nothing but Yamaha. No other drum maker in the industry creates a product as reliable or consistent as Yamaha Drums." -ByrDog

    Yamaha Artist Profile

  • Gallien-Krueger

    Endorser: Cary 'the Label Guy' Jordan

    "Gallien-Krueger crushes the competition with it's unparalleled tone and unmatched power. My GK rig is amazing! Performing for 500 or 30,000 people, my GK rig always amazes me." -CTLG

    Gallien-Krueger Homepage

  • Warwick

    Endorser: Cary 'the Label Guy' Jordan

    "Warwick makes the best basses in the universe, period. They sound as beautiful as they look. I'm a longtime Warwick Endorser for a reason. Their basses speak for themselves." -CTLG

    Warwick Artist Profile

  • SnapJack

    Endorser: Cary 'the Label Guy' Jordan

    "If you're looking for a better instrument cable than SnapJack, good luck. You simply won't find one. I use their full product line in my rig, including wireless cables." -CTLG

    SnapJack Homepage

  • funkfashion


    "FUNKfashion provides some dope shirts for the group. A Jacksonville based clothing company with funk in their name? How could we not endorse it" -Jstarr

    FUNKfasion's Homepage